Kua tae te wa!

That’s the one key message negotiator Marty Davis would share with iwi regarding our precious Taranaki Maunga.

“They need to know the history of the Maunga – its confiscation, iwi requesting its return, and the truth around the 1979 Vesting Act, amongst other things.”

Thirty years’ grind for the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, while “moon-lighting” in marae, hapu and iwi politics, helped set the stage for Marty’s long history in iwi settlements.

He returned to Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi in 1999 as its first paid employee – essentially to prepare the iwi for settlement, which was achieved six years later.

“In 2009, I left Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi as the kaiwhakahaere and went to work for Ngaati Ruanui Tahu as its CEO. I retired in 2012, only to once again be enticed back to iwi politics.”

Marty has been Te Kaahui o Rauru’s Tumu Whakarae since December 2014, and over his illustrious two-decade career has been involved in all aspects of iwi, hapu and marae, including involvement in three Taranaki Iwi settlements – one as chief negotiator (Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi).

When asked how important it is to seek an apology and cultural redress from the Crown regarding Taranaki Maunga, Marty’s response is, “The cultural redress is more important – the apology is just that.”

The time has come!