Where is the negotiation process at?

We are currently connecting with iwi about the aspirations they have for our Maunga.

How does the negotiation team make sure hapu, marae and uri are informed and engaged in the process?

We have been meeting extensively with whanau across the entire Taranaki rohe over the past few months and have a number of hui-a-rode scheduled over the coming months around the country so that whanau who live outside of Taranaki also have the opportunity to be involved, updated, and have their say.

We also send out regular monthly pānui directly to uri via email, or to the eight entities to pass on to those who are registered with them.

We have also created website and a Facebook page where we share pānui, details of upcoming wānanga and hui, and we’ve created some amazing videos to share that provide uri with the opportunity to talk about what our maunga means for them.

How were our team of negotiators chosen?

The Taranaki Iwi Chairs forum made the recommendation on behalf of our eight iwi regarding who the negotiation team members will be. It was important to the Taranaki Iwi Chairs Forum that the team members needed the right skills, and the ability to represent Ngā Iwi o Taranaki.

Are iwi able to withdraw if they no longer want to be a part of this settlement process?

All iwi have their own Mana Motuhake and the right to withdraw from the process. If that should happen, the team will work through a process so that settlement can continue.

Does the proposed timeline allow for a period of healing?

We acknowledge there is a settlement process, but equally important there is a healing process that iwi will go through. Part of the healing process is reconnection and whilst we see this process as separate, we acknowledge the connection and are now looking at ways to make sure the healing can take place.

What are the next steps?

The priority over the coming months is to ensure uri have the opportunity to be on this journey with us. We have scheduled a number of kanohi ki te kanohi hui around the country and set up an email address so that whanau can send us directly any feedback they might have.

We will also continue to talk to the Crown about our aspirations and work hard in negotiations to achieve the best possible settlement for Taranaki Maunga

What redress is being sought?

We are seeking an apology and cultural redress, in relation to the historical claims that relate to Taranaki Maunga. The claim does not include any financial or commercial redress. For more information read here.

 How will I benefit from the settlement?

The settlement will acknowledge that Taranaki is our Ancestor, and provide for our uri to become more culturally connected to our Maunga, involved in the management, protection and care of the Maunga, and ensure a sustainable ‘Whole of Mountain’ strategy is adopted.

How can I find out more information?

Ngā Iwi o Taranaki is committed to communications with all our whānau, hapu and iwi and want to make sure that you are on this journey with us.

Hui-a-iwi will be held throughout the rohe, notifications will be posted regularly to our website, and on the various iwi Facebook pages that you belong to. We will also be sending out monthly panui to all those who have registered with their iwi and have their details up to date. If you need to register you and your whānau, visit your iwi website by following this link here.