"> The Volcanic History of Taranaki / PG:9


Lahars of West Taranaki


Lava flows of Pouakai and Egmont.
Pukeiti, a lava cove.
iii Paritutu and Sugarloaf lavas.
1 Recent river gravels, swamps, sand dunes and older,
marine benches.
2 Gravels deposited by landslides and floods during the
500 years since the Newall eruptions.
3 A 7,000 year old lahar from the amphitheatre between
Bobs Bluff and Fanthams Peak.
4 Lahars dated between 500/12,000 years old.
5 A lahar of 14,000 years ago.
6 Lahars of 25,000 years ago with many surface
7 Pouakai Range surfaces eroded about 20,000 years
ago during the last Glaciation.
8 Older surfaces of the Pouakai volcano.
9 Remains of the Kaitake volcano.
10 Gravels and sandstones of southern Taranaki, about
25,000 years old.

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